Things to Know Before Installing Automatic Swing Gate Operators

Swing gates have always been in vogue. They have that age-old charm that makes people fall for them. Their long-drawn association with the palaces and mansions also make them desirable. Their presence can add grandeur to any property.

Besides, Driveway Swing Gates are easy to use, cost-effective and useful. The only thing coming in the way of bringing their age-old grandeur back was the absence of doormen. Automatic Swing Gate Operators have solved even this problem for you. You have ever ready Swing Gate Openers at your service, at all times. However, the number of choices in Driveway Swing Gate operators can be surprising and confusing for you.

All Electric Swing Gate operators have their specific advantages and value. It is important for you to pick the best system for yourself as per your needs, budget, and time.

4 things to look for in the Automatic Front Gate openers are:


This goes without saying that you want your Electric Swing Gate to work flawlessly. It will make your entry and exit into your home effortless. However, all Automatic Swing Gate Operators will not work with the same speed. While you are choosing the system keeping, this point in mind will be important. You wouldn’t want to keep waiting at the gate for eternity. This is a factor which will have an impact on the cost too.


All gates are of not the same size and hence the kind of Automatic Swing Gate Operator for your gate must be as per need. If your gate is big in size then you will need Commercial Swing Gate Openers and for faster and safer operation you may also want to go for Sliding Gate.


Swing gates are known for their low maintenance quality. However, this will only be true if you choose the correct Automatic Front Gate Opener too. Electric Swing Gate operators that may have an aesthetic appeal may be prone to corrosion. The other neater systems may have lower duty cycles. You must ensure that the system picked by you fulfills your needs for power and durability. 


The swing gates undeniably have the visual appeal. You must choose the kind of Driveway Swing Gate operator that suits your style and landscaping. You can choose from neater and leaner systems to completely hidden mechanisms. However, the most robust and efficient in terms of power and durability may not be the most appealing one.

The 3 main choices among Automatic Front Gate Operators are:

Articulated Arm Swing Gate Operators

This is the best option in terms of power, durability, convenience, and efficiency. These Electric Swing Gate operators will open the gates faster as compared to other systems. It puts the lowest strain on the gate brackets and hinges and hence your maintenance headache is low. You will get excellent duty cycles with this system even if you have large leaf swing gates.

Linear Actuators

This Swing Gate Opener system is economical and requires less space. No flamboyant arms protrude in this system as in the Articulated arm operators. In case, you have limited side room this system will be ideal for your gate. But, you will have to compromise on power, speed,and efficiency. It works a bit slow and may not be suitable for large gates.

Underground Swing Gate Operators

This Driveway Swing Gate system remains hidden underground. If the visual appeal is your main concern, then this system may be ideal for you. However, you must remember that it will be costlier and will require greater maintenance. It can only be used for smaller size gates and corrosion problem keeps haunting the owners of such systems.

Choosing the right company and product is always important for a prudent investment. With over 90 years of combined industry experience, Autogate is a complete source of Secure Entry Solutions for all your needs. We specialize in manufacturing and installing the best Electric Swing Gate solution as per your needs. Kindly give us a call or write to us for any query regarding Gate Entry Systems.

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