Swing Gate Operators

Swing Gate Operators

Sleek and powerful, swing gate operators can easily and reliably give access to the most impressive of gates. AutoGate carries a large selection of swing gate operators (also referred to as swing gate openers or automatic swing gate).  You count on your swing gate operators’ dependability and durability for heavy-traffic applications over the long haul.

swing gate operators

Swing gates have, in the past, been manually opened and closed. More often these days, the manual operations of these gates have begun to be mechanized. A swing gate may have either a single panel or a double panel. Double panel swing gates are used more in bigger properties whose entrance needs a larger double panel in order to accommodate it. Swing gates can be made from wrought iron, aluminum or wood. Wood is generally used by homeowners who do not want to be easily seen from the outside. As the name swing gate implies, this kind of gate swings outward or inward when opened with an automatic gate opener.

From the simple residential post-mounted swing gate openers to dual swing gate openers, AutoGate can fit your needs. Furthermore, these units run on AC, DC or solar applications. The DC units have built-in battery backup and as a result, you can attach to your current gates or ask us about fabricating them for you.  The electric swing gate openers are durable and corrosion-resistant and the swing gate operators are easy to install and low maintenance.

The unique configuration of these Operators allows the gate arm to rotate from underneath the Operator, enabling the arm to attach to the bottom rail of the gate, were it is virtually unseen from outside the gate. The fully enclosed Operators prevent water from contaminating the output shaft, bearings, and electronics. These operators can be installed directly on a concrete pad, or post-mounted to meet any installation requirements.

Brands we carry include:

Viking, Apollo Gate Operators, Magnetic Auto Control, Engineered Parking Systems, Inc., Linear OSCO Operators, LiftMaster Mega Swing

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