Sliding Gates Vs Swing Gate Operators

It isn’t a question whether to have an automatic gate or not. Automatic gates have become a necessity of the modern world. They save time and effort. The question is to get the most suitable type of gate operator for your property. You have plenty of choices such as the Driveway Swing Gates, Sliding Gates or the lift gates. Each gate has its USPs and specific advantages. The answer to your question will depend on these. Choose the solution that offers the best mix of feasibility and convenience.

You will have to consider the facts given below.


Economics drives a lot of decisions these days and hence you can’t keep it out. The Driveway Swing Gate will cost you less than a Sliding Gate. The reason being the simple operation of swing gates. Mounting and operation of Sliding Gate is a costly affair. You will have to lay a track for the sliding gate and clear out the path. This will also be a part of the cost. If you have a big gate with two wings of the swing gate, then you will need Dual Swing Gate Opener sets. This may increase your investment.


Driveway Swing Gates beat Sliding Gates hands-down in maintenance needs. Being simple in operation means that the maintenance cost of Swing Gate Openers is the least. Whereas for Sliding Gates, you will have to ensure that their track is always clean and free of dirt and debris. If there is any obstruction on the track, your Sliding Gate can derail. Sliding Gates will remain demanding.


This is an area where Sliding Gate has a great advantage. They need very little room to operate. If your driveway gate opens on the street or has a steep slope facing it, then sliding gates are the best option. A swing gate will need a lot of space to operate. Either you open it inwards or outwards the need for space will always be there. Your driveway must have space for the vehicles to wait at a safe distance while the wing of the gate opens. However, the area of the property is a thing over which you have the least amount of control. So, if there is a space constraint, then sliding gates will be perfect for you.

Pros and Cons of Automatic Swing Gate Opener


  • Swing gates have a classy look. Especially, the wings of a swing gate opening on their own on arrival give a surreal feel. Automatic Swing Gate Openers can make this experience realistic for you.
  • Swing gates need the lowest maintenance. They have the least moving parts and hence you can keep your worries aside after installing them. Swing Gate Operators work fast and noiselessly.
  • Even Commercial Swing Gate Openers can be installed cost-effectively. They need less power in comparison to other gate operators.


  • Space is the biggest problem. If your driveway doesn’t have the required waiting space, then these gates may not be workable.
  • Size can also be a limiting factor. If the wings of the swing gate are too big, then they can get affected by wind loading. In such a case, sliding gates will be a better option.
  • Commercial Swing Gate Openers may also falter on security. They are a tad bit slower than the lift and Sliding Gates.

Pros and Cons of Sliding gates


  • They offer better security. Once a Sliding Gate is locked and fixed on the post it is completely secure. Shaking or wind loading issues do not cause a problem. You can open these gates as per your need and restrict entry.
  • They are comparatively fast and this also adds to the security point.
  • You can manage even a big entrance with a single Sliding Gate. There is no effect of wind loading and hence you do not need two gates.


  • These gates will require space on the sides and a level track. They are good for wider properties.
  • The upkeep and maintenance costs of these gates are high.
  • These gates have a noisier operation due to several moving parts.

AutoGate is an industry leader in gate entry systems. We have wide experience in manufacturing and installing security gates for all kinds of terrains and needs. We can offer you the best solution for your security needs. Write to us now or call directly for discussing your requirements.

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