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autogate headquartersAutoGate is the leading manufacturer of the first UL-325 & Canadian CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 247 listed Vertical Pivot Gate (VPG) operators.

The VPG’s outperform slide and swing gate systems in all weather conditions including extreme heat and particularly cold and snowy conditions where our competition fails. The bottom of the gate panels are custom fabricated to be adaptable to any terrain including curbs, rail-road tracks, uneven driveways, crowns, and drainage swales.

Additional security features include Anti-Climb designs and all systems have standard open and close cycles that range from 7-12 seconds depending on model. Our systems offer a substantially reduced need for maintenance causing a lower cost of ownership and increased life cycle over our competition. Built-in battery backup is a standard feature which prevents security lapses during power outages.

Our High Security barrier systems, the Shield® provide not only vehicle control but can also deny pedestrian threat entrance by fabricating a gate panel to the barrier arm.

Our AutoGate security barrier gate systems are available and crash tested in accordance with ASTM F2656, Standard Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers and U.S. Department of State (DoS) SD-STD-02.01 with ratings of K12/M50, K8/M40, and K4/M30.


WARNING LIGHTS  We have had great success with several combinations of new warning lights.  Simple 18″ LED strip lights or one super bright flasher lights that can be programmed to flash in a number of variations.  Contact us for more information.

Show Schedule:

ASIS 2015
Sept. 28th-Oct. 1st., Orange County Convention Center, Anaheim, Ca Sept.

Oct. 21st-22nd. Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto, Canada

Jan. 12th-15th, Music City Center, Nashville, TN