Automatic Sliding Gates

AutoGate provides automatic sliding gates in a variety of materials and design styles, all produced and installed to the highest standards. From residential to commercial, we can handle all your slide gate needs. We have the operator to fit your gate system.

Most automatic sliding gates installed correctly will provide very high levels of security, especially against attempted forced entry. The fact they slide sideways means that a lot of space is left free behind the gate, making car parking a lot easier. An automatic sliding gate system can be produced to very wide sizes very easily and generally only require one electric motor to operate. Many automatic gates have been designed in the style of a pair of gates if appearance is particularly important.

AutoGate’s experienced gate professionals will be happy to advise you on the best gate for your unique needs. As its name implies, a slide gate slides on wheels from left to right or right to left, not unlike many department store automatic doors.

Different Types of Slide Gates

Different types of slide gates include the “V”-track, rear pipe track and cantilever.

  • “V”-track gates are the most common type of slide gate and are quite reliable. A “V”-track slide gate typically needs to be 3’ wider than the gate opening in order to have an electric gate opener installed.
  • A rear pipe track is common on lower-end chain link gates. Just like the “V”-track option, the rear pipe option also need to be 3’ wider than the opening.  On the tail end of the gate there are two wheels mounted that sit on pipes, which are mounted to fence panels. There is usually a wheel carriage assembly on the front end of the gate, consisting of one rubber wheel and one “V”-track wheel.
  • Cantilever gates do not have any wheels on the ground, and therefore slide over the driveway without being bothered by debris on the driveway. The wheels, instead, are on a vertical post on one side of the gate–the gate then fits in between those wheels, like cheese in between two pieces of bread. The wheels on the post pull or push the gate to open or close it.

AutoGate’s selection of automatic sliding gates includes automatic driveway gates ranging from simple single sliding residential gates to customized dual automatic sliding gates, all of which can be easily installed without a contractor to save you money on your project. AutoGate is dedicated to making gate installation as easy as possible, and provides all of the resources and information our customers need to assemble the automatic gates quickly.

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