Vertical Pivot Gate Operators


Appropriate in almost any application where vehicles and/or pedestrians need to be controlled. Custom manufactured to meet your specifications and are available in lengths to 20 feet (steel) or 24 feet (aluminum).

The Shield


Holds a DOS K12 (L3) /ASTM F2656 M50-P1, a DOS K8 (L3) /ASTM F2656 M40-P1, and a DOS K4 (L3)/ASTM F2656 M30-P1 Crash rating.

Access Controls


From simple “Stand-Alone” to fully loaded systems including proximity readers and access control software allows for a simple wave of a card over the reader to allow access.

Swing Gate Operators


From simple residential post mounted swing gate operators to the heavy duty pad mounted industrial units.

Slide Gate Operators


From Residential to commercial, we can handle all your slide gate needs. We have the operator to fit your gate system.

Barrier Gate Operators


When a full size gate is not required, Barrier Gates are the solution from 10’ to 30’ arms.

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Locking Automatic Gates
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Drawings & Specifications

Vertical Pivot Gate Specs, CSI’s, and Manuals.

Vertical Pivot Gate Site Drawings.

The Shield Site Drawings

Gate Style Site Drawings

Internal Operator Drawings

Autogate Installations

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